Better Nutrition & Health

Organic food has higher levels of nutrients like vitamins, minerals and micronutrients than conventionally grown produce because the soil is managed and nourished with sustainable practices by responsible standards. Studies have shown that organically grown foods provide approximately 60% more nutrients than their conventional counterparts.

Free from Chemical Fertilizers and Synthetic Pesticides

Chemical fertilizers and pesticides are poisons. These are taken up by roots of the plant and soaked in when it’s sprayed. Organic food is free from any of these poisons, which are neurotoxins that can damage your brain and nerve cells. Many pesticides currently being used are still called neurotoxins.

Avoid GMO

Eating only or mostly organic food can help you avoid potential risks posed by genetically modified food. Genetically modified foods can put you at risk for long-term health problems, such as allergic reactions or cancer. If you would prefer to avoid these largely unknown dangers, choosing organic food is a good way to go…

Protect Future Generations

Before a mother first nurses her newborn, the toxic risk from pesticides has already begun. Studies show that infants are exposed to hundreds of harmful chemicals in utero. In fact, our nation is now reaping the results of four generations of exposure to agricultural and industrial chemicals, whose safety was deemed on adult tolerance levels, not on children’s. Studies have shown that neurologic and behavioral effects may result from low-level exposure to pesticides. Also, pesticides can adversely affect the nervous system, increase the risk of cancer, and decrease fertility

Preserve our Ecosystem

Organic farming supports eco-sustenance, or farming in harmony with nature. Preservation of soil and crop rotation keep farmland healthy, and chemical abstinence preserves the ecosystem. Wildlife, insects and soil organisms are able to play their role in the tapestry of ecology, and we are able to play ours, without interference and compromise.

Preserve Biodiversity

Organic farming uses mainly natural methods, developing good soil and healthy crops which have a strong natural resistance to pests and diseases. It causes lower pollution from sprays, produces less carbon dioxide and fewer dangerous wastes. Therefore, organic farming supports more wildlife, more birdlife, more plants and flowers.

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